The AI Test Automation Platform "MagicPod" Surpasses 20 Million Test Runs by Users!

~ As development cycles accelerate, automation and daily test execution become crucial ~

MagicPod Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Nozomi Ito) is pleased to announce that users of the AI test automation platform "MagicPod" have surpassed 20 million test executions.

Background in Surpassing 20 Million Test Executions

1.    Acceleration in Development Cycles
In recent years, the need to respond swiftly and flexibly to customer demands has accelerated development cycles. Particularly, agile development, which is adopted by many companies, is characterized by its short repetitive cycles (sprints), and flexibly advances development based on customer feedback, thus necessitating quick issue resolution. Along with these changes in the development cycle, the frequency of testing has increased significantly, with tests aligned with releases now being executed on a daily basis.

Transition of test execution counts

Proportion of tests executed on MagicPod (WEB browser tests, Mobile app tests)

Environments where tests were executed (Cloud/External cloud, Local)

2.    Pricing Plan with Unlimited Test Executions
At MagicPod, we encourage our users to "execute tests daily as much as possible." The reasons include:

●    Easy identification of error causes, as only the differences from the previous day need to be reviewed
●    Tests start automatically and do not depend on human intervention.
●    It allows for daily, gradual, and stress-free maintenance.

These benefits enable sustainable test automation. Our pricing plan is designed that "no additional charges are incurred regardless of the number of test executions," allowing users to execute tests freely, thus leading to an increase in the number of test executions.

Reference: MagicPod Pricing Plan

3.    Development of Health Score Feature

MagicPod has released the "Health Score Feature," which allows users to check the health and improvement suggestions of their MagicPod automated test projects. By quantifying the health of tests as a "Health Score," users can now continuously measure and improve it. The frequency of test execution has a significant impact on the Health Score, and users with a low frequency of test execution are shown improvement advice, which has encouraged an increase in the frequency of test executions.

Reference: Health Score Feature

Success Stories of Customers with High Test Execution Count

Aldagram Inc.

MagicPod is like a second QA process! The “peace of mind of repeated runs” increases the development speed.

dip Corporation

Through MagicPod, we aim to strengthen the collaboration between QA and development, leading to an overall improvement in service quality.

BuySell Technologies Co., Ltd.

Create an environment to keep creators focused and boost productivity through the sense of security that “MagicPod will watch at the end.

About the AI Test Automation Platform "MagicPod"

"MagicPod" is an AI test automation platform that supports both mobile app testing and browser (web app) testing. It aids in accelerating the release cycle with a design that can be intuitively used even without special skills like programming, offers high maintainability through cloud-based services, and reduces the time required for test program corrections by using AI-driven auto-corrections. Over 500 companies, mainly leading ones in the IT industry, have already implemented it.

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[Company Information]
Company Name: MagicPod Inc.
President: Nozomi Ito
Address: 4F The Shore Nihonbashi Kayabacho, 1-2 Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Founded: July 2012
Scope of Business: Development and operation of "MagicPod", a test automation cloud service that uses AI technologies.