Security Overview

MagicPod takes security very seriously and strives to secure the data of our users.

Restricting internal access

Our server (storage of user data) can only be accessed by a limited number of system operation staff members. In addition, access to individual user data (organization, project, test, and related information such as images, files, execution results, etc.) is limited to purposes of user support, issue investigation, and improvement of MagicPod services. As for the handling of other personal information, we operate in accordance with the privacy policy.

Prevention of unauthorized access

In addition to security countermeasures for the vulnerability of our app, MagicPod prevents external unauthorized access through various means such as unauthorized access monitoring and access method restrictions.

Data Center

MagicPod utilizes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure data center to store user data. For more information on AWS security, please refer to AWS Cloud Security.


All user data is encrypted for storage. Furthermore, the MagicPod login password is saved in an irreversible encryption process with no log records. All communications between MagicPod and the Internet are encrypted by SSL.

Data Backup

Daily backup for all data to keep backup files as a snapshot of Amazon RDS.

Server issues/ monitoring strategies

Server issues and errors are being constantly monitored, our staff in charge will be notified promptly in case of any problems. The staff member who receive the notification will respond swiftly according to the situation.