AI test automation platform supporting the development of high-speed, high-quality software

MagicPod is a test automation cloud service in the era of AI capable for both mobile app testing and browser (web app) testing. It supports the acceleration of release cycle with its wide variety of functions and high maintainability.


Over 500 corporates are now using the service

Advantages of MagicPod

Ultimate simplicity from setup, to test creation, then to maintenance
AI helps you create test scripts

AI helps you create test scripts

Auto detection of items from application interface by AI engine. Simply select the items and create your script in easy English.

AI self-healing to reduce maintenance cost

AI self-healing to reduce maintenance cost

AI auto script fixation for test target application UI changes. Taking the convenience of test script maintenance to a higher level.

A simple and straight-forward design

A simple and straight-forward design

MagicPod has a simple, easy, and direct design for everyone, even beginners, to start test automation easily.

No installation

No installation

No difficult installation work. Start test creation right away by cloud device or browser device.

For both browsers and mobile apps

For both browsers and mobile apps

Support browser testing on Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, IE, Android, iOS, as well as mobile app testing for iOS, Android, and Flutter.

Run your test at anywhere!

Run your test at anywhere!

Created test can be executed on MagicPod cloud, external cloud service, and internal environment.

Main features

Embracing all test automation professional knowledge for you

Script Sharing

Efficient maintenance is supported by shared steps to commonalize frequent steps and commonalization for UI element definitions.

Data Driven Testing

Repetitions with different data values in a single test; supporting editing through CSV.

Control Flow

Flexible control of test flow with functions such as conditional branching, variables, and waiting process.

Image Difference Check

Realization of "visual regression testing" that reveals design defects by checking the differences between page images.

Utility Commands

Advanced processing such as HTTP request, date time calculation, four arithmetic operations, numerical comparison, regular expression, and two-step authentication breakthrough without codes.

Test Creation Supplementary Function

A huge number of functions to facilitate efficient test creation, such as test partial execution, test interruption, copy/ paste, redo/ undo, etc.

Schedule Execution

Running created tests regularly on clouds on any weekdays and time.

Test Case Label

Labelling and classifying tests, executions with specific (or with no) labels.

Enterprise Security

Also supporting advanced enterprise security requirements such as permission management for specific projects, SAML authentication, static inbound IP, source IP restrictions, etc.

Cross Browser Testing

Deal with cross browser tests in Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and IE. Supporting parallel execution as well, for sure.


Also deal with iOS and Android mobile browsers, support mobile device specific operations such as flicks and test on horizontal orientated devices.

Cloud Test Environment

No environmental maintenance for the use of MagicPod clouds and SauceLabs & BrowserStack clouds.

Various Browser Operations

A wide range of no-code operations from various clicks to file uploads, downloads, short-cut keys, cookies, and local storage.

Fruitful Value Checks

Deal with various value checks such as test, display status, categorization, title, links, alert message, etc.

CI Integration

Integrating with familiar CI tools such as CircleCI and Jenkins. Able to deal with Web API test as well.

Multi-Device Testing

Created tests can be executed on various OS versions and models of iOS/ Android. Parallel execution is also supported, no doubts.

Cloud Test Environment

No environment maintenance by using cloud terminals of MagicPod or the actual terminals of SauceLabs/ BrowserStack.

Various Device Operations

Performing a wide range of operations without codes- tapping, swiping, shaking, rotating, adding images, and picker operations.

Change of Device Setting

Various device setting can be changed, such as language, region, location, time zone, etc.

CI Integration

Integration with familiar CI tools such as Bitrise, CircleCI and Jenkins. It also supports test execution by Web API.

WebView Testing

It also supports mobile apps using WebView. Also for Cordova and Monaca tests.

All of features


MagicPod can integrate with various external tools.

Case Studies

Case Studies



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