MagicPod has reached Version 1.0, the first official version for global use

MagicPod Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) today announced that its no-code testing platform “MagicPod”, for mobile and web applications has reached Version 1.0, the first official version for global use.

Version 0.1 of MagicPod was launched on July 2017 in Japan, and it has been implemented in more than 500 companies in Japan since then. MagicPod Inc. also raised 30 million yen (2.4 million USD) from investors such as STRIVE and Angel Bridge in July 2021.
In the last year, MagicPod has worked on the globalization of the product, through steps such as adding support of the multi-timezone use and test marketing overseas, to globally provide MagicPod’s solution for mobile app and web app. Having completed these efforts, MagicPod is releasing Version 1.0 as its first global edition. MagicPod will continue to work to improve the product, chosen by many startups and enterprise companies in Japan with high quality standards, and cater to the needs of developers and QA engineers all over the world.
Teams interested in trying MagicPod for free can register for trial today here:

Advantages of MagicPod

Unique User Interface and User Experience

Users can easily create test scripts without any programming knowledge, by simply selecting elements in their application’s UI. Alternatively, users can automate complicated operations by selecting various commands from MagicPod’s extensive command list. MagicPod’s UI/UX allows users to create tests easily and flexibly.

Competitiveness in Mobile App Testing

MagicPod supports both web and mobile app testing, but its competitiveness lies in mobile app testing.
MagicPod is the dominant no-code mobile app testing platform in Japan, due to its zero-setup handy cloud device and support of various mobile gestures and operations.

Cost-Effectiveness and Unlimited Test Executions

Even after the two-week free trial period, users can execute their tests on MagicPod’s cloud test environment or a local machine without limitation. Pricing for MagicPod starts at 400 USD a month, making MagicPod one of the most cost-effective cloud test environments in the world.

AI-powered Self-healing for Mobile App Testing

The AI-powered self-healing feature allows for healing of test failures caused by updates of the target application’s UI. While this feature is growing in popularity in web testing contexts, MagicPod is the first to bring the same technology to no-code mobile app testing, drastically decreasing the cost of maintaining test scripts.

Created by Selenium and Appium Experts

MagicPod was founded by test automation expert Nozomi Ito, who is the organizer of the Japan Selenium User Community and SeleniumConf Tokyo 2019. The MagicPod team includes Appium committer Masayuki Wakizaka, as well as several authors/translators of Selenium and test automation books.Their remarkable knowledge about test automation and test frameworks enables MagicPod to offer unrivaled test quality and stability.

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