Introducing MagicPod's New Generative AI Features

We are thrilled to unveil two cutting-edge features leveraging generative AI: test script summarization and script change summarization.

What's New

1. Test Script Summarization
Now, when you create tests using MagicPod, the platform automatically generates concise summaries of your test content. Gone are the days of struggling to understand test details created by different team members. With these automated summaries, anyone can quickly grasp the essence of a test, facilitating seamless information sharing. Plus, whenever a test is updated, its summary updates automatically, ensuring accuracy without manual effort.
2. Script Change Summarization
Understanding changes made to a test case is now easier than ever. Automatically generate a summary of the edits and changes made to a test case. These summaries can be edited after generation, allowing users to craft meaningful descriptions of test modifications effortlessly.

What You Should Know

  • AI learning settings are disabled, ensuring your valuable test script data remains private and secure.
  • All users on any paid MagicPod plan can immediately leverage these features at no extra cost. However, enabling them requires a simple application process initiated by the organizational owner. To apply, log in with your organizational owner account and use the "Contact Us" form and send us a message.
  • Please note, once enabled, these features cannot be disabled, and activation typically takes 1-3 business days.

Enhancing Summary Accuracy

  • Structure your test scripts with clear section breaks and introductory comments.
  • Use descriptive names for screen elements.
  • Maintain consistent language (Japanese or English) throughout your scripts.

We believe these enhancements will revolutionize your experience with MagicPod, making test automation more intuitive and accessible than ever before with the power of generative AI!