MagicPod Engineer Masayuki Wakizaka Appointed as a Project Committer of The Appium Project

We are pleased to announce that our engineer Masayuki Wakizaka has been appointed as a Project Committer of The Appium Project.

Appium is an open source software (OSS) that is widely used around the world as a test automation framework for mobile applications.

Mr. Wakizaka has contributed to the Appium ecosystem through information dissemination, including speaking at the international conference "AppiumConf" in 2021, and will continue to contribute to the development of the framework as an Appium Committer, reviewing and merging code changes and shaping the direction of the project. This appointment is a great testament to his skills and dedication to the field of mobile testing.

MagicPod remains committed to supporting the professional growth of its employees and providing them with the opportunities they need to advance their careers.

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