MagicPod to Sponsor the Japan Symposium on Software Testing

We are pleased to sponsor the Software Testing Symposium 2023 Tokyo, to be held on March 9th and 10th. Through our sponsorship, we hope to contribute in making this event a fruitful experience for all participants.

Japan Software Testing Symposium (JaSST) is a symposium focusing on software testing, with presentations of related research and case studies, workshops, and lectures. The symposium is organized by the Association for Software Testing Technology Promotion (ASTER) and the JaSST'23 Tokyo Executive Committee.

MagicPod will host several sessions at the symposiums.
< MagicPod Session Schedule>
■March 9th (15:30~16:00)
Session by CEO Ito: "Practical Techniques for Setting Up Stable Automated Test Scripts"
■March 10th (9:30-11:00)
Panel Session: "The Future of Automated AI Testing Tools" (Panel Discussion with MagicPod, Autify, Mabl)
□Mini Session: MagicPod Demo and Online Consultation
March 9th: 13:30-13:40、13:45-13:55、16:30-16:40
March 10th: 11:00-11:10、14:30-14:40

For more information about JaSST: