Newly-Added Support for Browser Testing with Chrome Extensions

Support for testing websites that require Chrome extensions to be installed is now available. Users can install files of Chrome extensions under development at browser startup. Any Chrome extension can be used during testing by launching the browser with the Chrome extension specified for the browser in the test environment (given that the extension file has been uploaded). This makes it possible to automate testing based on the assumption that Google Chrome extensions are installed in the browser, which has not been possible until now.

Supported Browsers
Only Chrome is supported.

File Format
Only CRX files (with .crx extension) are supported.

Other Restrictions
⇒​ Extensions can be installed and the extension list page (chrome://extensions) can be operated, but not from the extension icon displayed next to the address bar. You can only use it to test features that automatically change the behavior of the web page when extensions are installed.
⇒ Extensions require a crx file for installation; you cannot install extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store.