Looking for partners with the same aspiration make MagicPod into a standard testing tool that supports engineers all around the world

MagicPod Inc. is now looking for new associates for the development and operation of “MagicPod” the AI test automation cloud service.

“MagicPod” is a cloud service automating the test work of web services and applications using AI technologies such as image recognition and automatic repair. Since its launch, the user number has exceeded 500, sales have grown by more than 200% in the previous year, and we raised an additional capital of 300 million Japanese yen in July 2021.

Due to the shortening of the business cycle and the spread of agile development, the software release cycle is becoming shorter that “Test Automation” is now gaining a lot of attention. It is commonly said that the global test automation would reach 11 trillion Japanese yen by 2025.

If you would like to work with us to contribute to the creation of a cloud service that is widely used by engineers/ testers all around the world, such as GitHub and Slack, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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MagicPod’s culture


Office environment & mode of working

We have been practicing telework for a long time. Because of the corona pandemic, we basically encourage our associates to work from home and only report duty at office under specific circumstance (drinking parties are held online as well). Some of our associates even live outside of the Kanto area, the location of our office. We make use of Slack/ Zoom/ GitHub in our work.

Work time is completely flexible. Short working hours are also feasible- we allow maximum flexibility in working style to fit in the convenience and private life of our associates. We are still small, thus highly flexible.
Since all reading materials and written communication such as in chats/ documents/ source codes on Slack/ GitHub are in English (conversation is in Japanese), it is the best environment for those who want to go global and become internationally capable.

What we cherish in our work

Since we are an automation company, we try to solve everything by automation and systematization if at all possible, rather than merely the theory of "be mindful not to make mistakes".

Recruitment Guidelines


Please feel free to contact us.