Privacy Policy

TRIDENT strikes to treat, use, and share the personal information of users with the utmost care. This privacy policy gives details about TRIDENT’s protection policy for personal information.

1.TRIDENT’s data collection

Information is stored in our server when users use our products and services
Information stays in users’ device when they use our products and services

This includes execution log information when the MagicPod test is executed. Other information will only be stored in our servers with user’s consent.

Inquiry information user input on our website
Information user input on our support website
Information received automatically

TRIDENT may collect and store information about our products, services, homepages, support sites, and the usages of the information.

The captioned information the followings,

  • User’s computer IP address
  • Sign in information
  • Computer-related information and connection information (browser type/ version, time zone, browser plug-in type/ version, operating system, platform, etc.)
  • A record including the date and time of the full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link accessing to our services
  • cookie
  • Server response time, downloads & errors, access time, session information when users use our products/ services/ websites/ support websites

Other information obtained through sales activities and providence of services

It includes information in contracts, mails, and business cards.

2. Usage of collected information.

We use the information for the providence of our products and services.
Besides, we use it for function improvement/ quality improvement activities, support activities, sales activities, and development of new products/ services.

3. Information providence to third parties

We shall not share the information we collected with any other external companies, organizations, or individuals, except in the following cases.

  • When we outsource all or part of the personal information protection strategies to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • When we have the consent from users.
  • When it’s based on laws.
  • When responding to legal proceedings or requests from authorized government agencies
  • When necessary for the protection of human life, physical safety, or property to the extent as required or permitted by laws
  • When we need to detect, stop, or take other action on any unauthorized activities or for security issues

TRIDENT may disclose or share with third parties complied information that cannot identify any individuals or organizations.

If TRIDENT is subject to any merger, acquisition, or transfer of assets, user information is generally considered a business asset to be transferred while it is subject to the restrictions of the stipulation in the existing Privacy Policy except a separate consent is obtained from users.

4. Change of this policy

TRIDENT's privacy policy is subject to change when necessary. We are going to notify users of any important changes by our prescribed methods.


Please contact us using the enquiry form on our website for any comments or questions regarding the statements of this policy.

Last updated- 1st March 2021